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Amotio delivers a personalised approach for the safe and effective removal of orthopaedic bone cement during surgery


Welcome to Amotio, specialists in personalised bone cement removal in orthopaedic revision surgery.

By 2030 approximately 500,000 people will require hip, knee or shoulder implant revision surgery every year. Orthopaedic revision procedures are some of the most challenging and complex for patients, surgeons and healthcare providers alike. Often causing delayed recovery and rehabilitation, high cost, time intensive surgical procedures and placing increasing demand on limited healthcare resources.

Amotio is committed to the delivery highly effective, patient specific precision solutions which reduce surgical complexity, minimise surgical time and enhance rehabilitation and mobilisation after surgery.

Utilising the latest approaches in patient specific digital templating and surgical planning, 3D additive printing and unique precision guided surgical instruments Amotio aims to transform the approach to this complex clinical challenge.

Join us on our journey as we redefine possibilities, enhance patient care, and shape the future of orthopaedics revision surgeries.

X-Ray of Skeleton Hip
The Clinical Challenge

Approximately 7% of hip, knee, and shoulder implants necessitate replacement due to issues like implant failure, infection, loosening, or bone fractures².

For certain individuals, this could mean undergoing the complex and often painful process of revision surgery up to three times within their lifetime³. Notably intricate, this process exacts a toll on both patients and healthcare providers, incurring excessive costs⁴.

The Solution

The Amotio solution delivers a patient specific approach which removes procedural complexity, reduces surgical time, blood loss and infection, improves recovery time and lowers cost for the healthcare provider.

Amotio’s patented solution unites the latest in musculoskeletal personalised digital joint mapping and templating, 3D additive printing and the development of specialized precision bone cement removal tools for a comprehensive highly effective, patient specific solution.

Amotio surgeon working with patient